M5 – Arenales 2013


Acabamos la semana 5 de entrenos sin competición pero con bastante caña!!

He disfrutado y me he notado menos cansado que la anterior, aunque espero no estar quedándome corto en la carrera…

La bici de esta semana, he tenido que modificarla un poco debido a que no me encontraba muy bien para salir las 2 horas que me tocaban. Eso sí, han sido sustituidas por 2 horas de rodillo a muy buena frecuencia.

La semana próxima, toca vuelta a la competición con una travesía a nado fresquita!! Muchas ganas!! =)

Os resumo la semana:


Swimming: 10 k – 3 sesiones
Biking: 160 k – 4 sesiones (3 de rodillo)
Running: 24,3 k – 3 sesiones
Gym: 30′ core – 1 sesión

Un saludo y gran semana a todos!!
DaNi JuaN


2 Replies to “M5 – Arenales 2013”

  1. I was going to spend my holiday week lestining to DJ’s free sessions, but can’t access any of them. I am so disappointed. You say on your podcasts/calls that there is all of this free training available but it seems like that is just a way to get people to your site to purchase info. I have been recommending your site and had been trying to figure out how I could afford to get to one of your live seminars but now I don’t know. Love your message, but hate that you don’t really stand by what you say. I feel like it’s all about self promotion and making money for you.

  2. Hi! What?? I just sum up my trainings and lifestyle stuff.
    My aim is not to earn money with this blog, just to interact with people and share contents.
    Hope you find it well!

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