Minimal Running

Barefoot or minimal running is a strong trend that is increasing a lot. Style combines the love for running with the less cushion possible (even without footwear). New Balance with his minimal runners  and his sponsorship Anton Krupricka is a clear example of this way of running. Also, majority of people that practice it loves natural surroundings, mountains, country paths, grass…everything except asphalt. Its, definitively, more than a trend, is a lifestyle.
Today, at lunch time, I ran 8k with an UltraMan (he will race UTMB on August) colleague that use it as lifestyle and, his words were: “I love running without nothing. Just a pair of running shoes and a shorts its enough. I even would like to run naked, beign closer to our origins”. Wow!! Such a motivation during our 8k training :))
And you, are you agree with this type of running or do you prefer more cushion in your running sessions?

Correr simulando ir descalzo o el minimal running es una tendencia que está aumentando sin parar. El estilo combina el arte de correr con la menor amortiguación posible (incluso sin zapatillas). New Balance con sus zapatillas minimal y su imagen de marca Anton Krupricka es un claro ejemplo de ello. La mayoría de la gente que practica este tipo de running ama los entornos naturales, las montañas, las caminos…todo menos el asfalto. Podemos decir que más que una tendencia es una forma de vida.
Hoy, a la hora de comer, he corrido 8k con un compañero que hará el UTMB en Agosto e intenta seguir esta filosofía de vida. Una des sus frases ha sido: “Me encanta correr sin nada. Sobran mis zapatillas y unos pantalones cortos. Incluso me gusta correr desnudo, estando lo más cerca posible a nuestros orígenes”. Flipante!!
Y tú, defiendes este tipo de running o prefieres amortiguación para tus entrenos?


DaNi JuaN


2 thoughts on “Minimal Running

  1. You are improving and growing as never before.. An excellent article. Cant stop reading you 🙂
    About running..I prefer naked like your friend 😉

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