Lifestyle pills – Lunch Time Choice

Hi everyone! Its 2.00pm in Spain and everyone in the office is ready to run out for have lunch. Here is typical to have a salad to share, one dish, a mainly second  and finalize your meal with a dessert.
For some insane us me, its show time. We have one hour to switch off and enjoy a great conversation while our legs are in movement. Sun is shining in the sky and we are running in a trail path, or maybe just beign carried along by our legs.
Anyway, final result is great: Total refueling of our mind & body and ready for bit the afternoon.  =)
Did you ever try a training at lunch time?

Hola a todos! Son las 14.00 y toda la oficina sale corriendo a comer!. Aquí es típico comer una ensalada a compartir, primer plato, el segundo principal y postre.
Para algunos locos como yo, toca espectáculo. Tenemos una hora para desconectar y disfrutar de una buena conversacion mientras nuestras piernas se mueven. El sol brilla y estamos corriendo por caminos de montaña o quizás simplemente dejándonos llevar.
El resultado es genial: Nuestra mente y cuerpo está recargada y lista para morder la tarde. =)
Has entrenado alguna vez a la hora de comer?

la foto


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