Advertising – Could a cheese make a great campaign?

ENG: Hi! Today I want to show you an old advertising.
As you will appreciate, product to sell is “cheese”.
So, could we make something different, original and viral with a product with, a first sight, low possibilities to use creativity?
Of course we can, and this is a funny and brilliant advertising.
Creativity is limitless, so, lets make people smile, whatever the features of the product we are promoting are!
And remember…Never Say No To Panda!!
Feliz Viernes 😉

SPA: Hola! Hoy uno de advertising.
Como apreciaréis, el producto que promocionan es “queso”, ni más ni menos.
Podemos hacer algo diferente, original y viral aunque nuestro producto parezca difícil de explotar?
Por supuesto, y como muestra un botón.
La creatividad no tiene límites, así que hagamos a la gente sonreír, sea cual sea el producto que promocionemos!
Y recordar…Nunca Digas No a Panda!!
Feliz Viernes 😉

DaNi JuaN


6 Replies to “Advertising – Could a cheese make a great campaign?”

  1. Hello Dani, I just watched your Texture Demo video and WOW! I leraend so much and it was AMAZING! Painting with the gesso texture while playing with the invert selection is so cool!! Thanks so much for sharing these tricks!! YOU ROCK!!

  2. Jason, you make it look like you INVENTED the blog. This is lively, cimorehenspve, inviting, professional, well-written, useful and engaging. It’s inspiring to see how you have evolved who you are with what you do. Congratulations and well done!

  3. Hi Dani,I was just watching the serect millionaire and it was showing very touching moments you shared with others. It made me cry especially that it’s my dream to help others. I came from a poor family and i came to America with a hope that when I go back to my country I can share everything I have to those who are in need. But unfortunately, my husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer and all our savings are gone. Instead of helping others, I’ve asked help from others. My dreams of helping my family and the rest of the people who need my help is gone. I was wondering what to do and where to start to get up again. My little girl inspired me to get up everyday and work but what I made isn’t enough to cover all the bills and expenses. This show inspired me to dream again and keep believing and never lost hope. Prayers are answered in God’s time I do believe that! Thanks for being an inspiration. God Bless!

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