Traveling to Germany

ENG: Hi everyone! I was a little bit inactive last weeks, but I was busy with the preparatives for my life changes.
Last Wednesday I departed in my car to Germany, with the aim of start a new season of my career in Adidas Group.
Therefore, I drew a route with three stops:

photo 1 (1)Firstly, I drove to Barcelona, but with a very special stop in Valencia for have a brunch with my friends of there. Was great to see them and to share laughs, reminds etc. I would like to see them more but its difficult because of our agendas…
When I arrived to Barcelona, it was raining like crazy. A spring storm in the city didn’t stop me to run under the water, enjoying the parks paths and getting full of mud :).
Secondly, I drove to Lyon, advice by eMe. Again, raining a lot but how incredible and gorgeous is the city!! I was totally amazed about the combination of forest, old/pretty buildings, river paths and the pace of the city. Wow!! I want to come back asap and visit it deeper. And I have a run pending around some parks as Fourviere…photo 2 (1)

Finally, I departed to Erlangen, my town for the next month. As usual, I departed early, around 7.30am because I prefer to drive on that hours. Travel was with a lot of raining again, maybe I could title this trip as “The endless raining” or “Preparing myself for Germany weather”, dont know. Point was that the trip was going well, on time, but 300k to my destiny, traffic jams started…and it was around 4h of them…so I arrived 4hours delayed to the Baviera´s city. 12 hours of patiente…

But well, here I am!! Today I visit the city, firstly running in fasting state and after walking. I will keep you updated about it 😉
Thanks for the support during the trip, was great to share 2.100km with my friend Mr.Wilson =)
photo 3
SPA: Holas! He estado más inactivo de lo habitual estas semanas, pero han sido un poco de locos con todos los preparativos para el viaje.
Cómo sabéis, el miércoles partí hacia Alemania en coche, con el objetivo de empezar este nuevo capítulo de mi carrera profesional en Adidas Group.
Por eso, dibujé una ruta con tres paradas:
Primero, me dirigí a Barcelona, con parada obligatoria en Valencia para ver a mis amigos de allí. Fue increíble verlos después de mucho tiempo y reírnos un rato mientras nos comíamos un bocata en el Europa jijij.
Cuando llegué a Barcelona, llovía como si no hubiera mañana. Pero me calcé las zapas y me fui a mojarme y embarrarme por alguno de los parques de la ciudad 🙂
Al día siguiente, me tocaba Lyon, parada aconsejada por eMe. Oooootra vez lluvia durante el camino y más lluvia en destino. Ese día preferí pasear y no corrí. Lo que me pedía el cuerpo, vamos. La ciudad me ha enamorado…es sencillamente preciosa y emboba al que la visita o ha vivido en ella. Volveré más antes que después, ya que tengo, entre otras cosas, una carrera pendiente por el parque de Fourviere…
Finalmente, me tocaba Erlangen, ciudad que va a ser mi residencia durante el próximo mes. Como de costumbre, salí a pronto, sobre 7.30 am para no pillar atasco. Los dos primeros tercios fueron muy bien, pero todo se torció a unos 300k del destino, cuando ya acariciaba una carrera para estirar las piernas. 4 horas de retenciones, de retrasos, de paciencia…Al final salieron 12 horas de nada…
Pero bueno, aquí estoy! Hoy he visitado la ciudad, primero con una carrera de esas que me gusta hacer en ayunas y luego caminando. Os iré actualizando de como es la ciudad.
Gracias por el apoyo durante el viaje, ha sido genial compartirlo con el Señor Wilson =)

DaNi JuaN


9 Replies to “Traveling to Germany”

  1. Gracias amigo!!
    Os mantendré informados!!
    Qué siga todo tan bien, ves actualizando que te vea como subes como la espuma!!

  2. Hi Dani:Well as I sit hear and listen to the end of this, with First Steps this wekneed, and unable to go, it just makes me sick. I am joining up with a lady that has been with you for some time and has over 200 hundred people under her. I am very excited to start my life. I have listed to the 3 calls, and listen to as many of this recordings as I can almost every day.things are starting to sink in. And I am beginning to hear you. Getting my husband to become a believer is another story. He doesn’t realize that it is me not working that is the problem. So my plan is to buy the N.C. Cd’s and continue saving up for both of us to go to First steps.With you in my heart I can and will move forward

  3. I listen to Dani’s sites like these until I can arffod the Real Thing.I want to become a Networking Marketing Success.Personally-I feel Dani’s approach is real and what is happening.I recently bought the Presentation Success System because it contains the action words to present and close.Next purchase are the CDs to build my business-Lightyear Alliance,Merchant processing Int’l,and Nations Funding Sources.These are all about Network Marketing.That’s why I believe in Dani Johnson. Knowing is not enough;We must apply.Willing is not enough;We must do.

  4. To quote the great Mark Twain:“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the tginhs that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”You guys are doing it right. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to following your adventures.Good luck on the shakedown cruise.Jeff

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