LifeStyle Tips – Looking for the Bike

ENG: Hi!! I would like to acquire a bike, probably a fixie, since some months (maybe years) ago.
I started my search in internet, shooting with my camera in the streets and using SocialMedia networks (as Instagram) to get ideas.
Now, with my recent move to Germany, I think is the moment.
Here everyone move by bike and although I have the “cabra” here, is not the smartest idea to let it on the street with a locker…
Therefore, I open this new line of post to show you some of the bikes Im finding out and, if you have any suggestion, it will be welcome!!
Here one that I shot in the Soho area of London in the last Olympic Games. Gorgeous!!
What do you think? Do you like it?

photo (8)

SPA: Hola! Llevo tiempo queriendo comprarme una fixie para pasear, ir a tomar café…whatever!
Empecé la búsqueda de la preciada pieza por internet, haciendo fotos por las calles a las que me gustaban y por supuesto en el SocialMedia, como Instagram. Así podría ir recopilando ideas para la mía 🙂
Ahora y con mi reciente traslado a Alemania, que mejor momento para comprarse una??
Aquí todo el mundo tiene una para ir al super, a tomar café, de compras etc…me recuerda mucho a Holanda!!
Yo tengo la cabra aquí, pero no me parece muy inteligente ir a tomar un coffee y dejarla en la calle…Llamadme loco…
Por eso, abro esta línea de post para ir poniendo las que me gustan y, si tenéis alguna sugerencia, será bienvenida!!
Os dejo una que vi en verano en el Soho de Londres cuando fui a los Juegos Olímpicos. Tremenda!
Os gusta?

DaNi JuaN


6 Replies to “LifeStyle Tips – Looking for the Bike”

  1. Dani,AWESOME CALL!!!I can not wait to get going on steps 5-8. I will keep you posted on my sucescs. I am working on making a way to get the North Carolina CDs as well as get to First Steps for Success! I just found your website and have been devouring everything on the site that is FREE, I am plugged into Work at Home Profit Zone, The Spiritual Training, your calls, I just received your Script book and I am Highlighting it and memorizing your face-to-face script as you suggested! I have listened to the Two Free CDs that came with the book and downloaded the scripts, I have listened to your Conquering the Financial Kingdom with my children. I watched and taped you on the Benny Hinn Show this past week of February 4th -8th and purchased your book Spirit Driven Success that way. As well as had my 10 year old son, Mason, ask me to wait until he got home from school to watch the taping of that show! I did watch it the first time with my oldest son, 20 year old in MAJOR DEBT, Logan, and he learned to get rid of the FAT and put a few things on line to help lower his debt! YEAH! I am a BIG, BIG FAN as you can tell! I have been searching for SOMEONE to TRAIN ME TO GROW TO BE THE PROFESSIONAL GOD WANTS ME TO BE and through Prayer and searching websites of my current and FINAL company I found your site I do believe the LORD brought me to you so that I can GROW and be on HIS power team!!!Thank you Dani I am working to bring my self, husband, & sons to your Steps to Success as I want US ALL TO GROW and Learn from you!I forwarded your site to so many people and I PRAY they take the time to look at it and Grow and Help their organizations as well.God Bless you Dani and Hans and Family.

  2. You guys do some amazing work. I am glad I took part in your phpragtoohy session, your photos have given me a good sense of what professional photo’s look like. I am trying to turn my hobby into something I can make a living with and just viewing your photos keeps me focused on turning it into a reality. I wanted to say thanks for doing what you do, and for creating the Facebook group. Good stuff

  3. July 7th, 2012 Dani, I am a 67 yrs young man, crying with tears ruinnng down my face! I was a very successful business man in my professional life. However, due to circumstances in both my personal & business life, today I am broke, lving on social security, have lost my beautiful lake home, driving a car that is all beat up, living in an 4 plex that was built in the 70 s, have a son living w/ me whom I have obviously enabled for years, (one of the reasons I am broke), my self esteem is low and my confidence has been shattered! Two months ago, I started a home business out of desperation and I haven’t accomplished anything! Although, I am with a great home business company, with great leaders who are there to help me, I find myself still struggling. Things I used to do and take for granted i.e., prospecting, presenting, closing I struggle with every day. Last week our group was introduced us to your website. In just a short week I feel my energy coming back, I am excited, I just finished listening to my first video; 1st Step to Success and all I can say is, where in the world have you been in my past! I so wish I would have been tuned into you years ago. But, now I am! I am going to be a student ! Although, my leaders have been helpful and have truly given me everything I need to succeed you are exactly what the Doctor Ordered ! I need this daily input of positive affirmations! I look forward to possibly meeting you at one of your programs in the future. I feel confident that you and all of your information can help me not only help myself but, help others! Also, if I can get my son on here then possibly, just possibly, we can turn his life around too! Thank You from the bottom of my heart and soul!

  4. Sam dit : Le 9 septembre 2012 15 h 39 min Trop bien cette vide9o! Bravo c’est super bien ficele9 et tre8s belle re9alisation Mon seul proble8me c’est que mon Shazam ne truvoe pas le nom de la musique!!! Help me please

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