Motivation Tips – Inspirational Videos

ENG: Hi everyone!! I would like to share with all of you this video, with loads of Inspirational Testimonies to Motivate everyone that its already involved in a challenge like an IronMan (like #lovamosaconseguir team) or those that are thinking in “put a challenge in their lifes”. I really encourage you!!
Listen carefully everyone because you will discover a lot of helpful tips.
And for Pablo, Enrico and Isra…Countingdown!! Looking forward to share this experience with all of you!
Hope you enjoy it =)

SPA: Holas! Me gustaría compartir con vosotros este video, con muchos Testimonios de esos que Inspiran y Motivan a todo aquel que está de camino a afrontar un reto como un IronMan (como el gran equipo#lovamosaconseguir) o esos que están pensando en “poner un desafio en sus vidas”. Os animo!!
ParaPabloEnrico e Isra…Cuenta atrás señores!! Deseando compartir esta experiencia con vosotros!!
Espero que lo disfrutéis!!


One Reply to “Motivation Tips – Inspirational Videos”

  1. Thanks! I have literally been in bed sick all day, and this is the first {and only} e-mail I’ve read today – you know, this acltauly makes me feel a little better! 😉 Thanks, it much appreciated!

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