A MapMaker

SPA: Holas!
La semana pasada me propusieron colaborar con mapmakers y obviamente dije SI antes de leer las condiciones.
Viendo el nivel de las personas que han creado la plataforma y de aquellos que ya han comenzado a compartir, sería de locos haberlo pensado más de 1 segundo.
Ayer publiqué el primer post en mapmakers.es y espero que sea el primero de muchos por compartir.

Feliz con este nuevo reto de lienzo y boli. A dibujar!

Surround-yourself-with-positive-with-positive-successful-people Roger Smith AIL

ENG: Hi!
Last week I received an invitation to publish in a great human platform called mapmakers. Obviously, seeing the quality of the founders and also of the rest of people I said YES.
Yesterday I published my first post for them and I hope it was only the first of loads.
For the moment the platform is only in Spanish, but If you are interested in the article I could (with pleasure) translate to you 🙂

Happy with this new challenge of canvas and pen. Lets draw!!


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