Dancing Under The Storm

SPA: Holas!
Miras por la ventana, y llueve. Pensabas salir a correr.
Piensas si dejas el entreno para mañana. No. Hoy no es ayer y mañana aún no ha llegado.
Te vistes con tus galas de lluvia.
Te calzas las runners, ipod oN y a la calle.
Llueve, fuerte, casi nadie por las calles, y te adentras en el Pegnitz Park de Nuremberg.
Empiezas a pisar charcos, a embarrarte y a disfrutar como un niño. Impresionante.
Los siguientes 70′ se te pasan volando.
Aprende a bailar bajo la lluvia y no esperes a que pase.

Te gusta correr bajo la lluvia? Detienes tu ritmo de vida por una tormenta?

ENG: Hi!
Wake up and see across the window. Its raining are you was thinking in do a running session.
Then, you Start thinking in skip the training for tomorrow. No. Today is not yesterday and tomorrow is not here so far.
Dress up with your wet apparel for the storm.
Put on your runners, ipod mode oN and jump to the street.
Its raining, strong, and none is in the streets. Suddenly, you are inside Pegnitz Park of Nuremberg.
In a second, you are jumping pools, getting inside of them and mudding yourself. Terrific funny.
Next 70′ flies.
Learn about how to dance under the raining instead of waiting about the storm pass.

Do you like to run under the raining? Do you stop your life pace because of a storm?

DaNi JuaN



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