Vale la Pena Embarrarse

SPA: Hola!
Ayer se lanzó el nuevo balón para el Mundial de Fútbol que se celebrará el año que viene en Brasil.
El balón es obra de Adidas, se llama Brazuca y la verdad es que se ve increíble!
Por suerte, he podido verlo de cerca y tocarlo, solo me falta tirar un poco a puerta o poner unos centros 😛
Y tras esta introducción de “Branding”, vamos al tema del barro:

  • Vas a por un café al Hub y ves un balón que es más grande que tu.
  • El césped está húmedo y embarrado, tu ropa, impoluta.
  • Pero ese lado que no debemos perder nunca, al que le gusta mancharse y saltar de charco en charco, te dice “vaaaa, remata!!”
  • Y tu, que nunca has sido muy sensato, pides que alguien te haga una foto emulando un remate.

El resultado: Embarrado y con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja

Y es que, si dejamos de embarrarnos…algo estamos haciendo mal 🙂

Let´s get mud!!

Un saludo,
DaNi JuaN


ENG: Hi!
Yesterday the new ball Brazuca was presented in Rio, with the aim of the 2014 Fifa World Cup.
The ball is made by Adidas, its called Brazuca and, honestly, looks amazing!
Im lucky and I just touch and check it, I only miss to kick some shots on target!
And after this “Branding” speech, lets follow with the mud subject:

  • You leave your work desk and head to the Hub to take a coffee, and suddenly you see a huge ball.
  • The grass is wet and muddy, your clothes, spotless.
  • But you have a side that every now and then want to be mudded and love to jump into the raining pools, and it shouts you “kick this ball!!”
  • And you, a person that never was highly sensible, ask for someone that shot you a pic.

The Outcome: Muddy and with a huge Smile

Because…if we stop getting mud…something is going wrong 🙂

Let´s get mud!!

DaNi JuaN


2 Replies to “Vale la Pena Embarrarse”

  1. Yep, exact same here. Sorry though the ta-ta’s are classified as the very first to go. I usually say to my coach ‘This botanical slimming soft gels has received to prevent, I would like something still left for my future partner to perform with’. HA HA. He just laughs at me.

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