Wish Races – SwissMan Xtreme

SPA: Holas!
Ya llevaba tiempo sin poner alguna carrera de esas “interesantes” que hacer algún día.
Me he topado con esta que se celebra en Suiza, SwissMan Xtreme Triathlon 
Dura es poco, pero bonita, también! Wow!
Modalidad, IronMan, repasamos? =)

  • 3.800m swimming
  • 180km biking
  • 42km running


  1. Bike–> 3 peaks with 2.091m, 2.436m and 2.164m respectevelz.
  2. Running –> Starting at 567m and rising until 2.061m.

Pinta bien, no? =)

Un saludo,
DaNi JuaN

ENG: Hi!
Its been a while not analyzing one of this “interesting” races that I would like to do somedaz.
I just discover a great one that is celebrated in Switzerland, SwissMan Xtreme Triathlon 
Its seems hard is not enough, but, what about the beauty of the course? wow!
IronMan Distance, details typed above =)

What do you think?

DaNi JuaN


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