TRAINING 2014: 5 to 11 May

ENG: Hi!

Later than usual but I was not able to get a break to type the training summary.

The week was really hard, with a Test training on Saturday, with our often system of emulate the Competition but with a plus of kilometers, to feel sensations as similar as possible to the Competition ones.
Normally, is known that with a 70% of the total distance in one training you are more than ready to beat a distance.
However, when you have the experience of the distance and your goal is to broke your Personal Best, the aim of the training is not about to gain Confidence (eventually you get it, of course) but to try Paces/Speed over your average one in the Race Day, feel that you can’t hold them and teaching to your body to assimilate the pain, for that “bad minutes” during the Competition.

During the week, we followed with the typical daily training in fasting, but increasing the Intensity and also starting with Transitions Bike-Run. It’s such a great sensation to be able to handle rhythms faster than my former shape =)

Last but not least, David and Carlos are such a priceless team to train, not only because it is an endless fun time but also because they push really hard (sometimes, even unreachable), leading the group always a level up. Thanks guys for your boost!!

In the Swimming, we accumulate a good volume but more important, one tough sets day in the 50m pool, the Saturday’s competition simulation and an unexpected fast session on Sunday with the wetsuit.

In the Bike, a good start of the week with 3×10′ competition pace on the roller, the spinning one and the long ride of the weekend.

The Running, the highlights are the bricks, with Fast sets and a tough windy day in the track and field. It seems the knee is recovery (crossing fingers).

The Transition of Saturday, with 3k swimming+120k bike+14k running.
Windy, cold, with a flat tyre, hilly and exhausting, but the most important…done!!!

Here the summary:

Monday: Brick: Bike [25k] with 3×8 competition pace+Run [3k], Run [10k]
Tuesday: Brick: Bike [20k]+Run [3k] + Swim [3.500] with 6×400/30”
Wednesday: Core [50′] +Run [9k] with 6×1.000/2′
Thursday: Brick: Bike [40k] + Run [8k] with 2×2.000/1′
Friday: Swim [2k]
Saturday: Test: Swim [3k]+ Bike [120] + Run [14k] – Around 6h
Sunday: Swim [3.000m] with 5×200/20” + 12×100/15”
TOTAL: Sw [11.5k] + Bi [205k] + Ru [37k] + Gym [50′]

Dani Juan


2 Replies to “TRAINING 2014: 5 to 11 May”

  1. Buenos días, Dani
    Buenos entrenamientos, mové y haciendo. ¿Por qué el swim lo dejas para el fin de semana? no es mejor intercalar y no tres días seguidos?

  2. Hola Mirka,
    Bueno, hay muchas teorías al respecto…Quizás lo “ideal” sería no concentrarlos en el 3 días, pero al final hay que compaginar trabajo-entreno-vida y la fórmula que mejor le funciona tanto a mi cuerpo como a mi mente es esta =)
    De todos modos depende mucho de cuál sea el objetivo de la sesión (series rápidas, largas, relax…) y el tiempo de recuperación entre sesiones de calidad.

    Un saludo!

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