Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal goes ahead writing amazing and unforgettable episodes in the Sport’s History.
He uses to celebrate his birthday in Paris, and the present of last 10 years were 9 titles in the City of Love (shall they change any sport facility or big avenue to Nadal’s Territory or so? 😛 ).

Yesterday, against one of the Best Players of the last two years, he won his 9th Roland Garros Title.


Not only for the Titles, quite impressive though, Not for the Récords, difficult to reach for the coming generation, but above all due to his Personality and Values in and out of the court.

Thanks for all the Sunday’s in front of the television, jumping and hugging and being totally mad after an impossible point and mainly because of:

Inspire a Generation, like mine.

Dani Juan


2 Replies to “Rafael Nadal”

  1. Lo bueno y necesario se difunde y se comparte, Dani. RAFAEL N@D@L conecta y es sin duda marca España

  2. Marca España e inspiración para todo el mundo, grandes y pequeños.
    Un ejemplo a seguir, dentro y fuera de la pista.
    Un saludo Mirka!!

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