TRAINING 2014: 9 to 15 June

ENG: Hi!

Great sunny week in Baviera with a bank holiday on Monday absolutely beautiful, with sun, swimming pool (just lay down) session and finishing with a bbq. Amazing to start a week in that way!!
Therefore, the training week started on Tuesday, because I still have some soreness in my left foot and, above all, because my body was shouting me “relax and take it easy”.

In general, we are doing less transitions than in the last weeks, but I guess the coming week we will be fully back to the bricks, with the mind in the Roth Triathlon of next 29th of June.

To highlight, the great and tough session on Wednesday in the track and field of adidas, with a weather ridiculous high and some stomach problems, but getting the training done with good splits.

In the Swimming, I feel worse than in the last months, I lose some feeling with the water and I’m not able to mantain the pace in some sets. It’s curious because I had the same problem last year before the IronMan UK, where I swam worse than expected and feeling tired and breath away, not only in the race but also in the previous swim trainings.
I do believe it is nothing about a over training, because I don’t feel tired in the running and in the bike, so I need to check what is happening with the technique and I may include some drills exercises in the sessions.

In the Bike, I’m honestly feeling better but I have not this sensation of confidence to take a risk during a race.
Of course I’m improving a lot training with Carlos and David and also in my lonely rides, but it is my weakness or to be more optimistic, the biggest challenge to improve in the coming months.

In the  Running, this strange soreness in my left ankle is pissing me off, not leting me to do as much kilometers that I would like.
Anyway, the sets are going as expected and also when I push hard in a distance as 10k, so I only cross fingers to get this pain out as soon as possible. After a physio checking (thanks Paloma for look after of me at 5 in the morning!), it seems that one of the bones of my feet is apparently out of his place. Due to that, the ligament is highly inflamated and the soreness is quite big. Let’s see the coming days…
The good mark of the Half Marathon in the Extreme Man of Düren, with 1h26′, also give me some confident in this segment.

Summary of the week:

Monday: Total Rest
Tuesday: Bike 40′ with 5×3’hard-2’easy+ Swim [2.500] with 3x(300+3×100) hard
Wednesday: Gym 40′ strength + 10k with [2x(2.000+1.000+800+400)
Thursday: Run 10k + Bike 55′ with 6x[3’hilly+2’hard+2easy]
Friday: Swim 2.500
Saturday: Swim 2.800m
Sunday: Swim 1.800m
TOTAL: Sw [9.7k] + Bi [70k] + Ru [20k] 

SPA: Holas!

Increíble semana en Baviera, con un sol y unas temperaturas de verano total, que me han acercado un poquito más a la terreta (tanto que he tenido que venir el finde =)).
La semana empezó mejor imposible, con día libre que empleé en acabar cosas que me quedaban por hacer en casa, seguido de una siesta impresionante en la piscina y acabando con una barbacoa en la terraza mientras el sol se iba poniendo…espectacular!

En general estamos haciendo menos volumen (que es lo que toca) y más intensidad, aunque esta semana tampoco nos hemos metido mucha caña.

En la Natación, me siento más flojo que hace unas semanas. No acabo de encontrar sensaciones buenas, he perdido deslizamiento y sobre todo me siento más ahogado en las series. Es curioso pero esto mismo me pasó antes del IronMan UK del año pasado. No se exactamente que es pero tengo planeado meter algo más de técnica en los entrenamientos.

En la Bici, sufriendo como siempre y sin tener sensación de “estoy fuerte”, pero es cierto que los entrenamientos con la squad me están ayudando a ir un puntito por encima del año pasado..

En el Running, llevo arrastrando una lesión desde el Extreman de Düren, que me molesta tanto cuando piso el acelerado cómo cuando voy tranquilo. El Sábado super Paloma me echó un vistazo a horas que la palabra “extra” se quedaría corta y comprobó como el astrágalo se me había movido del sitio, provocando una luxación con el ligamento y de ahí el dolor este que me está matando. Veremos que pasa en los próximos días. De todos modos, la carrera es algo que llevo bien y que no me preocupa en exceso estar unos días parados.

Vamos por la semana!

Un saludo,
Dani Juan


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