Bike Commuting

ENG: Hi!

Summer is just round the corner and the weather has started to be delicious and cheer us up to ride our bikes to the office.

Some of the advantages that I find in ride to the job:

  • Wake up and ride in fasting state, your body will burn last dinner’s kcal
  • Rise and ride through a beatiful park, under the sun and enjoying the first moments of the day
  • Chat with your commuting team and don’t forget to laugh. Oftenly.
  • Park your bike, take a quick shower and enjoy a yummy breakfast, you deserve it!
  • Sit down in your workdesk with a smile a knowing that you make the first session already and body full of energy
  • Keep in mind that you have another session under the sun afterwork =)

How do you travel to your office?

Dani Juan


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