TRAINING 2014: 23 to 30 June

ENG: Hi!

A bit late but here the summary of last week.

Facing some injuries the last two weeks, with an outstanding soreness in my pyramidals and my left ankle, that made me stay out of any running session during almost 3 weeks.
In the bike, feeling so bad due to the pyramidal pain, therefore I had to stop in 3 sessions in the minute 3.
Trying to compensate but honestly was not possible to do much more.

Until the last time I was not sure to be able to race in Roth and I started with the idea of do the swimming+bike and stop in the running.
But as you saw, once you are warm and inside a competition, it¡s not possible to give up and you move forward even with soreness.
Tough conditions, rainy and windy weather and so technical bike course.
To outstanding, the level of the race, with people super strong that push really hard. See u soon =)

Summary of the week:

Monday: Bike – 30k
Tuesday: Eliptic machine 30′ +  Swim 3.500m
Wednesday: Bike commute 25k + Bike 25k
Thursday: Eliptic machine 30′
Friday: Bike commute 25k + Bike 25k + Swim 1.5k
Saturday: Adidas Football Contest
Sunday: Rothsee Olympic Triathlon 1.500/42/10 – 2h25′ (200 overall)
TOTAL: Sw [6,5k] + Bi [170k] + Ru [10k] 


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