TRAINING 2014: 30 to 5 July

ENG: Hi!

It’s been such a quite busy period i’m facing problems to keep the blog updated with the normal rhythm. My more sincerely apologies!

Last week we were training harder than expected, coming from the Rothsee Triathlon (I promise I will write a post regarding this race), but pushing with the mind in the next challenge: Erlangen Half IronMan.
After several weeks with liquid in my ankle and problems in the pyramidals, was great to feel less pain and to make a strong running block to get some kilometers inside.

Let’s see if eventually I can train flawless and take some power back!

Summary of the week:

Monday: Bike – 45′ – recovery pace
Tuesday: Transitions 3x(10’bike+8’run) + Run 12k
Wednesday: Gym 60′ + Swim 3.000m
Thursday: 60′ Bike + 9k Run
Friday: Bike commute 45k + Bike 25k
Saturday:Run 21k – 1h30′
Sunday: Swim 3.000 + Run 16k
TOTAL: Sw [6k] + Bi [115k] + Ru [64k] 

Dani Juan



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