TRAINING 2014: 14 to 20 July

ENG: Hi!

July is always a difficult month to schedule trainings, with so many activities to attend or just the beach (pool or lake for me in the last two summers) calling.
Moreover, this year I have been in my home town parties, Moros y Cristianos de Albatera, to celebrate this tradition, make the parade with the customs of Christians and, above all, to have a priceless time with my family and friends.

Anyway, during the week the sessions were executed flawless, being able to complete all the planning and with good splits.
The focus was again speed and transitions practices, with the mind already in the Erlangen’s Half IronMan of next 3rd of August.
As negative highlight, I didn’t ride long this week, due I was as mentioned above in Spain.

Summary of the week:

Monday: Bike [80′] – Spinning class+TT
Tuesday: Bike [3x(10’bike+10’run)] – Competition pace + Swim [3.000m] with 10×200/15”
Wednesday: Bike Commuting [25k] + Gym 20′ + Run [2x(1.000+800+400+200)] + Bike Commutting [25k]
Thursday: Bike [5x[3’hard+2’hilly+1’hard+2’easy]
Friday: Swim [3.000m] with 15×50/5”
Saturday: Run 7k + Parade =)
Sunday: Swim [2.500m] + Run [10k]
TOTAL: Sw [8,5k] + Bi [160k] + Ru [30k] 

Dani Juan


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  1. Hi Pooja! We are holding an info seosisn for engineering and tech majors on February 17 at Memorial Union 241C (Ventana C) at 6pm. We’ll also be attending the EECS Career Fair on February 18 in the Memorial Union 2nd Floor Ballrooms from 10 to 4pm. You’re welcome to join us at either event.

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