Rothsee Triathlon 2014

ENG: Hi!

Later than usual, but here some lines of my experience in the Rothsee Triathlon of the last July 29th.
Roth is a village famous for hold one of the most demanded triathlon-IronMan distance- in Europe: The Challenge of Roth.
You can start feeling the atmosphere in the highway, when a big panel notice you “Triathlon Area”
One week before the big event, there is a triathlon party, and you can race in the Rothsee lake and compete by relays, sprint or olympic distance.

We were not able to get a slot for the Challenge, so we decided to go there and race the Olympic distance.
I was injury and off of the running during the previous 3 weeks, but I felt a bit better so eventually I decided to race it.
Maybe it was not the smartest decision, but at least I was not more injury (lucky me).

The race was highlighted for permanent showers, that made the bike course complicated and dangerous.
Moreover, the sky was totally dark, so the swimming was a bit confusing, losing the buoys view every now and then.

So here we go, David, Carlos and I. Arriving to Roth early and getting the slots, dropping the bike in the transition area and putting on the wetsuits. Last checking of all the material for the bricks and heading to the lake to warm up.
The crowd is awesome, so many people ready to smash a difficult day because of the conditions.
We are chatting about the bikes. It’s unbelievable how many great bikes are here! I stare at mine and it’s one of the tail. The wheels, carbon, all this “beauties” with ridiculous high prices and lenticulars flood. Awesome!

Anyway and material apart, we are in front of the lake, we warm up for 10′ and take our position in the start line.
I’m not going to push with the first pack, I’m not confident with my swimming, I don’t feel great and I’m still thinking if I should be here or recovering of my injury.
With all this things rolling in my head, I realize that is less than 10” to go.
I start swimming, trying to take a steady pace and avoiding hits and fights, it’s not my day for these wars.
I find my pace, but I lose the line and I’m not swimming to the buoy. I try to focus, I’m again on my way and after the second buoy I lose again the direction. Last 500m I started to feel tired and not sliding anymore. I lose the feet and for the second time in a row this season, I made such a poor swimming.
Going into transition 1, I try no focus and not lose so much time with the helmet, boots etc. I’m not jumping today, so I put on the shoes and head to the bike course. It’s raining cats and dogs at this point and the concrete is quite slippery.
The bike is on and some animals has started passing me, I’m not able to hold their pace more than 500m, so I try to focus in find a comfy one for me.
We are around 25k from the segment start and I take the wrong cross, so I go straight downhill while a volunteer shout me something in German. Shit, I’ve to go back and now is uphill. Gorgeous, such a day.
I arrived to the transition and I have some pain in my legs, but I’m too piss off for both segments and I decide to finish the race.
The running has started and I start passing people. I’m not in my usual pace and my heart beats are faster, but I’m climbing some positions though. In the first lap I crossed with David, he’s around 3′ in front of me and looks like is going to beat the running course.
I check the first 5k in 19’50”, so I’m not going as bad as I thought. I try to keep the pace steady, but the lack of training of the last week and also the soreness want to play as well, so I’m going slower in the 2nd phase of the running.
In the end, 40’34” for the 10k, not bad at all.

Final time was 1h25’47” for 1.500/42/10.

Not happy with the result and not enjoying any part of the race, but a new slot for the collection and a great time with the guys in this awesome triathlon area of Roth.


See you next year 😉

Dani Juan


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