TRAINING 2014: 21 to 27 July

ENG: Hi!

Key Word of the Week: Tiredness!!
After my brief trip to my home, the town parties, the Templario’s awesome performance and the rest of linked stuff of a destroyer weekend, the week have been longer and tougher than usual! But again, no complaints, totally worth it =)

This week I also have been racing the B2Run in Nuremberg, with 18.000 runners and such a beautiful atmosphere flooding the course. You race for your company and against the rest, so it’s great to see all the people enrolled with their colleagues out of the office.
The race was basically 6.400m, extremely narrow in the beginning and with a lot of traffic.
I’m not used to race (or even to train) such a fast and short distances, therefore I didn’t find strength during the course.
The final time was 23’11”, top 50 in the overall and 6th place by teams.
Above all, a great evening with colleagues and friends =)

Another event had been celebrated this week, concretely on Thursday. It was the Retail Football Tournament here in Adidas, where I played with my team colleagues.
Super funny afternoon in the stadium, playing a couple of games and grabbing some beverages and food in the end.
The result was 2 games and no victory, but some good shots on target though.

Going deeper into training, Carlos was destroying me the whole week.
I started on Monday with a totally rest day, the race on Tuesday and then all the sessions were a sweet nightmare struggling myself to hold the pace. The Mexican Beast is ridiculous strong at this point ^^

Last but not least, I was in the Herzoman today, racing a short distance and with a swim in the pool.
What a nice experience to race a short triathlon surrounded by Adidas people =)
The distance is quite short for me nowadays and I lose such a lot of time in the transitions, but I had a funny time though.
In the end it was 1h4’40”, 4th of my Age Group and Top 15 overall. 30” to be in the podium 😦

Congrats to Carlos for the 2nd position in his Age Group and 5th Overall! You rock dude!
And also to the TEAM Adidas, with a 1st positions by teams.

So, one week for the Erlangen’s  Half IronMan. Keening to race it!

Monday: Total Rest
Tuesday: B2Run – 23’11”
Wednesday: Bike [40′ with 10’+8’+6’+4’+2′ on tt] + Swim [3.300] with 3×800/45” – 12’15”-45”
Thursday: Transitions 2x[12’Bike+15’Run] + Football Tournament
Friday: Swim 2.000m
Saturday: 55k Bike
Sunday: HerzoMan – 400/22/5
TOTAL: Sw [6k] + Bi [130k] + Ru [21k] 

Dani Juan


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