Races 2014: Herzoman

ENG: Hi!

Last Sunday I was racing the Herzoman triathlon.
It was a short one, with 400/20/5, with a swimming segment in the pool (first time for me).

The environment was great, with so many enthusiastic people ready to beat a challenge, a lot of rookies with some nervous in the beginning but with a huge smile in the end and some good triathletes trying to test their selves in a fast race.
For me, it was a nice test in my way to the Erlangen’s Half Ironman of this Sunday, arriving super tired because of the multi events week and also the weekly training basis.

Race through, I’m in the last starting group (fastest one according with the time forecasting), so I expect a fast swimming and hits in the lane.
I warm up for a few after 3 hours of an endless waiting for my starting and I head to the pool shore.
We speak about our prediction time with the rest of the guys of our lane, and one of them want to lead the group, because he ensures that can swim below 5’10” per 400m. So we agreed and he’s taking the lead, Carlos is in the second place and I’m third.

The Swimming is on, the 4th and 5th guy just go ahead in front of me and I have to swim fast to pass them. There are so many hits, they are covering the whole lane and it’s impossible to pass them. In the second 25m, I pass them but it’s impossible to swim properly, one is hitting me all the time and I can’t find a nice slide.
In the 250m I’ve the advantage, but Carlos is making his move and passing the first guy, that in the end was not as fast as he told us…I try to pass him as well quickly and get Carlos feet, but the 400m are round the corner and I’m 10” behind Carlos. Damn it!

Herzoman 2014 - 15

Long transition aisle, where I pass the guy of the pool but I can’t arrive to the first guys out of the water, so I miss the group.
*Note, it was as all the events in Germany a No Drafting race, but you know the advantage of ride in a group even respecting the distance.

The Biking has started, and the first hill is over me and I start passing some people of the previous groups, but I can’t handle to get the first pack. They’re gone. The segment is good, with a long hill in the beginning and then flat, so I start pushing in the second part of the course. I’m defending the position, but I can’t go as fast as some bikers and today is not such a race to pass people in the running, due to the short distance.
I’m arriving to the T2, with a terrific last hilly part that I didn’t expected, I lose a boot and I have to go back some meters and get it. There is a volunteer trying to get my bike and I’m so on fire, so we even fight to get the bike. So rookie in that one…Herzoman 2014 - 4

The Running has arrived, and I know I can push here to do a good segment and climb a couple of positions at least. Unfortunately, the gel that I took some minutes ago it’s screwing me up, my stomach is facing some issues and I’m not able to run as strong as expected. I try just to run steady and hoping to feel better for the last part. I have to say that is the first time that I’ve digestive problems in a race.
I see Carlos running strong, he’s about 3′ in front of me, and I guess he’s close to the podium. I also see some TEAM Adidas members, and we smash our hands.
I have 2 or 3 people that were like 1′ before me in the T2, so I increase my pace to catch them. In the last 1,5k I’m able to find a good pace and beat them.

Congrats to all the Carlos and all TEAM Adidas,we smashed the first place in the podium and an outstanding performance of the rest of participants!
I cross the finish line with 1h4’44”, 4th position in my Age Group and 14th overall.

Herzoman 2014 - 1

Good test for Erlangen, a bitter sensation though, due of some little mistakes that made me lose the top 10 guys and be more competitive in the running.

Dani Juan


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