TRAINING 2014: 28 to 3 August

ENG: Hi!

Welcome August, I was the whole year waiting for you!
Even with some raining days and a jacket always ready to wear, it’s good to be in the summer month 🙂

This week we train as usual, but getting some rest the last 3 days due to the Erlangen’s Half IronMan of Sunday.
Moreover, last week was quite intense with three events and most of the sessions with fast speed.

The Erlangen’s competition was more than great, with an outstanding (and a bit unexpected) good performance, crossing the finish line with a time of 4h09′, for a 2000/80/20. As I said, I felt good but I never would guess this time. I will write a post with the race sensations soon =)

So it seems that training is going well and we are improving our shape.

Monday: Bike – 45′
Tuesday: Swim [2.500m] – Wetsuit
Wednesday: Transitions Bike[30′] + Run [20′]
Thursday: Transitions Bike[30′] + Run [20′]
Friday: Swim 1.500m – Lake
Saturday: Total Rest
Sunday: Erlangen Triathlon – 2.000/80/20 – 4h9′
TOTAL: Sw [6k] + Bi [130k] + Ru [30k] 

Dani Juan


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