Races 2014: Erlangen Triathlon

ENG: Hi!

Second long race of the season done, this time in Erlangen (Bayern, Germany) and in a some kind of Half IronMan distance: 2.000/80/20
A race to test, try new things and have fresher ideas to get my competitiveness a level up.

I didn’t Taper for the race, just decrease a bit the volume of the week, but not only for the race but also due to the previous multi-event week of before that was quite intense.
The atmosphere of the event was amazing, with a lot of supporters from the beginning, some rookies for the Olympic distance but an impressive level in the Long one.

We arrive to the venue at 7.30am, pick the slots and start the show of the Transition preparation.
David was this time racing for the Olympic one (and he excels, with an astonish 3rd Position AG) and Carlos and I the Long one, as a test for the IronMan 70.3 of Zell am See of next August 31st in Austria.

So here we go, I’m in my 391 spot preparing everything and the first problem comes. The milestone is not working anymore and I try and try but seems the battery is gone. I had never compete (or even train) without speed notice, so it’s something that in that moment is worrying me a lot.
I also realize that I have forgot the taper band to fix the bars and gels in the frame and apparently no one in the transition has one (…).
Time is running out, Carlos is gone and David is pushing me to go to the Canal to warm up for a few, thus I decide to put the cage in the bike and not think further about the milestone.

The Swimming is about to start and we are 500m behind the Olympic’s racers.
I’m warming up and testing the goggles. We were keening to try our new wetsuits but the judges notice that is a non wetsuit swimming.
They shot for the Olympic 5′ earlier than us, so counting down has started and we are in the first line of the bunch.
Fire away! A rather clean start, only some usual hits but getting a good and a comfy position after the first 100m.
I’m in Carlos feet, trying to keep his pace, but after 500m I realize that I will be destroy in the 1.500m if I follow him, therefore I get my own pace and I’m eventually making my segment.
The sensations are great, I’m sliding, catching people of the Olympic distance and no many people is passing me. I’m going steady and not breathless, so I’m enjoying after some bad swimming segments in the former events of the season.
I’m out of the water in around 34′ for the 2k, not fast but acceptable to swim without wetsuit. and taking in account it’s 2.000m (we discuss it later and we think it that was a little bit more though).
Fast Transition and Bike time!

The Bike segment is on and i’m doing something different than ever in this distance: Jumping into the bike instead of put the boots on and no socks. I’m testing as much as possible to know if it’s worth to do in Zell am See or not.
Today my aim is to push in this segment as much as ever. Reason is because I know what’s my limit in the swim and also in the running, but I had never felt this in the bike.
For the occasion, nothing but a new Wheelset of Carbon, a Profile Design Altair 52 model.
Note: It’s my first time using a carbon wheelset, so I have not clue if i’m going to feel any difference or otherwise it’s going to be the same history but more expensive.
I push and push since the beginning, passing guys all the time. Sometimes an animal pass me as a plane, but I can count and the number is quite low. So it’s going well =)
Due I’ve not the milestone, I want to check the 1st hour and the kilometers covered, to have a real situation of what I’m doing.
Hour 1 in the bike, amazing sensations and 37.5k. Is here when I started with some doubts if I’m going faster than I can hold or not, I have 40 more kilometers to ride and an extra 20k to run.
I see all the people cheering in the half point and I shout to myself that today is the day to make something excellent or to collapse!
After the first lap I’m with three guys and we are pushing, changing the leader and coordinating good. For sure we are not drafting, but it’s always better to make a line and adapt your pace to group one.
Bike is about to end and I don’t feel exhausted, I’ve for sure soreness in my legs but I know I can run properly yet.
I drop my bike covering the 80k in 2h9′.
Good Transition, not really fast but either slow.

The Run has arrived, last segment and facing it with my personal best in the bike. My legs are not as fresh as usual, but I’m mentally excited, happy and motivated due to my best bike segment ever.
I push the first 2 kilometers to take an advantage to my bike group, and it’s working. I´m alone in the first turn
I see Carlos, he’s around 5′ in front of me, so I’m not performing bad at all.
I’m facing the forest part, after an uncomfy bridge up and I start feeling cramping and a bit breathless, so I decrease the pace.
The game with my head has started but I’m making the forecast and If I don’t fall down I can do a good time, so even struggling I´m on my way to smash the run.
The cheers of the people in the bridge are like a caffeine in vein, such a boost to keep going. Thanks again for that =)
I´m close to the stadium to turn and go for the second lap, my time in the 10k it’s around 40′, so it’s going good.
I’m crossing in the opposite Carlos again, he has stomach problems so his pace is not as good as usual.
10k to go, cramping and tired, but it’s a day to strive and go a step further.
More cheering in the bridge, going through the forest and back to the stadium. I’m going well and I have started to feel good, so I increase the speed, decreased in the last kilometers.
With 1,5k to go, I see Carlos and he’s indeed with stomach problems, having a bad time but convince in finish.
I pass him and I’m pushing the rest of the energy that I’ve.

I crossed the finish line with a time of 4h09’40”, which means 31′ less than in the same distance last year.
27th position overall and 8th in my Age Group.

Great race, amazing test for the Zell am See’s IronMan 70.3 and thanks again to all the friends that were here sharing some energy with us =)

Congrats once again to my friend David for his awesome performance after some tough weeks for him =)



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