Ryan Lochte meal: 10.000 Kcal

ENG: Hi!

I was reading some years about that Michael Phelps uses to intake 12.000 kcal/day.
Even with all the training and burning kcal, it’s looks such a ridiculous high figure.

Today I have seen in the Lochte’s official website a pic of the swimmer with a meal of 10.000 kcal.

To make a comparison, a cyclist in a big race can intake 7.000 kcal, and the burning I bet is also high (roughly 5.000 kcal, depending the distance).
Of course the body is totally different, and the demanding to fill the gap in a swimmer of 2 meters and 90kg of weight and a cyclist or triathlete is super different, but still.


What do you think? It’s is possible or just a funny pic to make noise in the social media?

Dani Juan


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