TRAINING 2014: 4 to 10 August

ENG: Hi!

Easy week last one, with some recovery training to compensate the Erlangen half of last Sunday.
My body was, as usual, good on Monday, but destroyed on Tuesday and Wednesday.
I like to make three easy sessions those days after a big race, and therefore I did. It is quite helpful to delete some garbage of my body and to give to my mind the portion of training that she needs =)

I started feeling good in the water again, enjoying the sessions and struggling myself with this sensation of sweet pushing.
The biking was easy, a couple of days in the roller and an easy one in the road.
In the running, no so much to highlight, facing an overcharge in the calf but feeling fast in the Wednesday’s sets on the track and also in the transitions training on Thursday. The long one was also covered on Saturday =)

Here the summary!

Monday: Bike – 30′
Tuesday: Swim [2.000m]
Wednesday: Run 8k with 2000+1600+1200+800+400
Thursday: Transitions Bike-Run – 3x[8’bike+8’run]
Friday: Bike 55k + Swim 3.300m
Saturday: Run 14k + Swim 4.000m
Sunday: Total Rest – Family day =)
TOTAL: Sw [9,5k] + Bi [95k] + Ru [28k]

This week my parents are here and on Friday, unfortunately ;)))), we will head to Creta, so not such a big week is coming over =).

Happy week guap@s!

Dani Juan


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