TRAINING 2014: 11 to 17 August

ENG: Hi!

Easy week again, with some sessions in competition pace but not struggling myself too much.
My body is not as fresh as usual, so I have decided to let him to rest properly, recovery and let’s see how the IronMan 70.3 – Zell am See (Austria) is going.

Moreover, my parents are here and I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with them, and I’m working as well, so I have need to find gaps in the mornings and during lunch time. And on friday I flight to Creta to have a long weekend over there, so…leisure and easy sessions.

Great windsurf session in Creta and also a nice hilly running and open water swimming. Great to change the views 🙂

Here the summary!

Monday: Bike – 60′ with 3×13’/2′ on tt + Run [6.5k]
Tuesday: Bike [40′ on TT] + Run [20′ ] – Transition
Wednesday: Cicruit: [60′] of 3x[3x400m + 5×10 Core+Strength circuit]
Thursday: Bike [60′] + Swim [2.200m]
Friday: Swim [3.000m]
Saturday: Windsurf =) [2h30′]
Sunday: Run [90′] + Swim [3.000m]
TOTAL: Sw [8.5k] + Bi [100k] + Ru [30k]

Have a great week!

Dani Juan


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