TRAINING 2014: 18 to 24 August

ENG: Hi!

Last weekend I was enjoying the sun and beach in Creta, coming back to Nuremberg with my batteries fully recharged and keening to make the last two weeks of training before the IronMan 70.3 of Zell am See.
The plan was one more week with strong sessions, some speed and then 9 days of tapering.

But plans every now and then does not go in the direction that you expect and on Tuesday during a strong biking session on the roller an old friction in the ass became in a bloody wound, so imagine the picture after 90′ pushing on the saddle.
On Wednesday and after not being able to sit I went to the doctor and, as expected, a huge infection was rising in the back side of my leg.
Therefore, antibiotics, not sport for a while and trying to sit with extremely care, not to open over and over the wound. Tomorrow a new checking and the doctor will decide whether she has to open or not.
For sure, the antibiotics are playing his role, so I’m quite dizzy and weak at the moment, plus not able to train.
Frustrated to feel ok in muscle speaking and not able to train because an inappropriate wound.

With this beautiful picture, today I skip the Eglofhstein triathlon and I don’t know nowadays if I would be able to race on Austria on Sunday.

Let’s hope that I can at least close totally the wound, make the skin harder than now and I can, at least, cross the finish line with any time.

It’s definitely not my year, but let’s keep smiling and being positive =)

PS: I can confirm that I will be racing the Istanbul Marathon on November 16th! 

Here the summary tough,

Monday: Run [30′] hilly + Swim [30′] Open water
Tuesday: Bike [90′ on TT]
Wednesday: –
Thursday: –
Friday: Run [10k] + Swim [2.200m]
Saturday: –
Sunday: –
TOTAL: Sw [4,2k] + Bi [60k] + Ru [16k]

Dani Juan


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