Berlin 32nd LEN European Swimming Championships

ENG: Hi!

The 32rd LEN European Swimming Championships had been celebrated last week in Berlin.
The German capital hosted this amazing aquatic event gathering the best elite athletes around Europe.

From our side, Spain was eventually 9th overall in the medal table, with 3 golds, 5 silvers and 5 bronze. All of them by our women, incredible job!! Women power =)
The podium is settle by Great Britain (24), Russia (19) and Italy (23) .
* Golden medal sort.

But there was an outstanding performance by Mireia Belmonte.
Our 23 years old spaniard golden girl hit 6 medals in the tournament, a medley of 2 golden, 2 silver and 2 bronze.
mireia 2

Today there is a press insight (in spanish though) by the trainer, interesting to take a glance and see how things can happens if you have a good plan, a great attitude and above all, an endless motivation to struggle yourself over and over.

Dani Juan


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