TRAINING 2014: 8 to 14 September

ENG: Hi!

Last week of holidays and enjoying the sun in Spain.
Following without plan, I focus in train with no schedule, not organized sessions and not aim, just moving and deciding in the last minute what and how to do the training.

The weather was amazing, so the swimming was featuring most of the sessions.
I really enjoy sliding without clock and not sets, but going to the beach or to the pool and start swimming.
I also ran but not preparing the Berlin Marathon, but enjoying the pleasure of running along the beach sore, with not pace or goal.

Back in Germany, time to smash the last part of the year dancing under the raining =)

Here the summary:
Monday: Run [10k] + Swim [3.000m]
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Run [9.5k] + Swim [3.500m]
Thursday: Swim [3.000m]
Friday: Run [10k] + Swim [2k] + Run [8k] + Core [30′]
Saturday: Run [14k]
Sunday: Swim [3.500m]
TOTAL: Sw [13k] + Bi [0k] + Ru [51,5k]

Have a beautiful week everyone!!

Dani Juan


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