Back after holidays

ENG: Hi!

After an amazing days at home enjoying my holidays, I’m back in Germany with the batteries fully recharged!
It was priceless to have 11 days in my lovely Spain, biting any single moment and letting my body and my mind switch off.

I spent the whole time in the beach apartment, waking up without alarm, running in fasting with just a shorts and my runners, barefoot over the sand, having a huge breakfast staring at the sea from the balcony, reading a book in the beach, swimming in the salty water of the cliffs side, having a spanish meal watching the news, taking a nap EVERY DAY etc etc.  To sum up, relaxing and doing some old habits.

It was a pity not to have some more days around there, but to be back in my second country, to my routine of job, sports, trips, colleagues etc. is also nice! I’m really enjoying and tasting my life here in Germany.

And nothing better than a picture to proof that I’m back, in one of my favorites routes around the office, in hzo.

Enjoy every moment, be positive have attitude and don’t spend 1 single minute to be upset or complain, life’s wonderful =)

Dani Juan


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