TRAINING 2014: 15 to 21 September

ENG: Hi!

Back in Nuremberg and already into my German routine.
Sun is here after 2 weeks of terrible storms and cold, so I’m lucky!!

I was the whole week doing what my body was shouting, with no plan, and I was great just to give some improvised workouts.
Actually, this is my idea for the next weeks/months, just move forward and do the dose/kind of training that I feel like on this moment.

Including a long and challenging Hiking session in Garmisch area, with an uphill of 8,5k with +1.600m positive gradient accumulate and a funny running part downhill. Was such a great experience and I will write a post soon!

Here the summary:
Monday: Run [12k] with 2′ medium – 1′ hard.
Tuesday: Bike [25k] with 3×10’/2′ Competition pace + Swim [2.400m] with 10×200/15” in 2:45′ – 50”
Wednesday: Run [11k] – Biomechanical Test
Thursday: Bike [20k]+Core [30′] + Swim [2.400m] with 3×700/1′ at 1’30” per 100m + Run [12.5k]
Friday: Run [12.5k] + Swim [2.000m] easy
Saturday: Hiking – 5h +1700m positive gradient
Sunday: Run [11,5] + Swim [1.500m]
TOTAL: Sw [8,5k] + Bi [45k] + Ru [60k] + Hiking [18k]

Dani Juan


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