TRAINING 2014: 22 to 28 September

ENG: Hi!

Week of competition, this time the BMW Berlin Marathon.
I didn’t prepare this race properly, I’m lack of 3 or 4 long running sessions and I didn’t taper for it.
Therefore, the aim is to have fun, to breath the atmosphere over there and to bring a new slot for the collection.

This week I tried the EXOS Regeneration class, by Mark Verstegen,  in the gym of Adidas.
I have to say that I was quite impressed about the class, the explanation and the effects of the day after.
The technique, totally unknown for me, is based in workout with rollers, foams, balls, stripes etc. to treat your trigger points, to reduce the fatigue of training or competition and to relax your muscles chains.
It has been automatically and permanently included in my weekly routine, no doubts!!

I wrote this lines of below before to realized that I had not slot for Berlin, due an error (of me) during the registration, so I didn’t run eventually…it is the first time that something like this happens to me, and it’s a pity because I was confident in do a good race thee, even without tapering and so on.

On Friday half marathon of Nuremberg, i will try to push hard to heal my mistake!

Here the summary:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Run [10k] with 12×200/20”+ Swim [2.000m]
Wednesday: Run [8k] at 4’00” per k – Exos Regeneration Class – 1h
Thursday: Run [5k] + Technique with the Colleagues
Friday:  Total Rest
Saturday: Run [9k] with 6×1.000/1’30” –
Sunday: 16k at competition pace
TOTAL: Sw [4k] + Bi [0k] + Ru [48k] + Exos [1h]



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