TRAINING 2014: 29 to 5 October

ENG: Hi!

A short week in the office, with bank holidays on Friday due to the Tar der Deutschen Einheit.

After miss the Berlin Marathon, to run was mandatory for me, maybe more for my mind than for my body though.
Therefore, I grab the opportunity to race in the Stadtlauf HalbMarathon of Nuremberg, organized by Sport Check.
The day was amazing, sunny, hot and with an atmosphere of thousand enthusiastic people ready to burn some calories and have a great day with his colleagues, friends, family or just as part of the crowd.

I started the race pushing, trying to hold the pace of the first bunch but repeating to myself that the course was not as flat as apparently (I ran last year too) and some parts are a bit tricky, with an special uphill in the altstadt and also a false flat in the start line/10.5k point.

Therefore I did my own race, with my pace and going comfy with a 2nd bunch until the 10k, where we pass in 37′. I was feeling nice, but I have a crisis between 11 to 13k point and I lost the group.
I was absorbed by a third group and I was with them until 17k, but I was not super fresh and I also lose that one.

In the end, 1h23’20”, but with 21.600m, being 35th overall and 11st of my category.
Happy because I felt strong in the last part, taking out all the trainings of the season.

Today I was running across the Pegnitz Park and holding a steady pace, feeling great and doing an acceptable training to close the week =)

Here the summary:
Monday: Run [8k]
Tuesday: Run [5k] + Swim [2.000m]
Wednesday: Run [7k] with 10×200 – Exos Regeneration Class – 1h
Thursday: Run [5k] + Strength circuit
Friday:  Half Marathon Nuremberg  – 1h23’20”
Saturday: Swim [2.000m]
Sunday: Run [21.1k] – 1h29′
TOTAL: Sw [4k] + Bi [0k] + Ru [67k] + Exos [1h]


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