TRAINING 2014: 6 to 12 October

ENG: Hi!

Here we go with a really nice week training in Baviera.
The weather was perfect, with some raining drops and no so much cold, so it was such a pleasure to run through the forest.

I’m just moving and training what my mind and my body are asking for, with an eye in the Istanbul Marathon, but definitely off season =)
Today I have started feeling a soreness in the the ankle, so I have to decrease a bit the volume and heal it properly. I don’t want to be injured again and definitely not in this period.

I have not decided so far where (and what) I will compete next year, but for sure something will come and it will be announce in the coming weeks/months.

Here the summary:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Run [8k] + Swim [2.500m]
Wednesday: Bike [25k] + Run [8k] + Exos Regeneration Class – 1h
Thursday: Swim [2.500m]
Friday:  Run [12k] + Swim [2.000m]
Saturday: Run [12k]
Sunday: Run [19k]
TOTAL: Sw [7k] + Bi [25k] + Ru [59k] + Exos [1h]

Have a great week everyone!!

Dani Juan


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