TRAINING 2014: 27 to 2 November

ENG: Hi!

Weird week with soreness in my Achiles tendon but feeling quite light in the running sessions.
My body is used to train with some kind of ache, and the sensation is not good at all.

I think that after the Istanbul Marathon I’m going to take a rest, let the body recovery and heal all the little injuries of the season.
It had started with the lateral knee ligament, passing to the soleo muscle irritation, several neck issues and now the Achiles tendon.
Not complaining at all, but willing to rest some days and plan the next season.

This weekend, I was in Toulouse with my friends, visiting Nacho and Lidón in their new city.
The fun was endless, meeting my friends from Albatera and enjoying France all together. I love these guys!!

Here the summary:
Monday: Run [6k] – Treadmill
Tuesday: Bike [25k] + Run [5k] + Swim [2.000]
Wednesday: Eliptic Treadmill [15′] + Row [15′] + Run [10k]
Thursday: Run [25k]
Friday:  – Travel to Toulouse
Saturday: –
Sunday: Run [11k]
TOTAL: Sw [2k] + Bi [25k] + Ru [57k]

Dani Juan


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