TRAINING 2014: 3 to 9 November

ENG: Hi!

Week across Spain doing store checking and accumulating so many kilometers between planes, car and train.
Therefore, I hadn’t so many time train and the nutrition was a mess, but is part of the business =)

Moreover, I’ve to highlight that I’m injured since a couple of weeks ago, running with a strong tendinitis in my Achiles tendon, and this Thursday and after several sessions holding the soreness, I was not able to do a step further.
Lucky me, I was at home and close to my physio Manuel Canillas, a former colleague in my football career and a great osteopath, with the clinic performing phenomenal. If you are around Orihuela and have a sport injury, don’t forget to pass by Fisiocen.
In the physio checking, they were treating my Achiles with some massage and eventually with EPI. I’m not a lover of this technic, but if you have a Marathon in 1 week, what else?

So after 3 days off, I will try to run tomorrow and check if the tendon is working.
I’m so keening to run in Istanbul, so I hope to be able to run there and enjoy the city, the atmosphere and so on.
The aim is to have fun, I’m not going to push or look for a mark this time, so hopefully the tendon is letting me run in an easy pace and cross the finish line.

Here the summary:
Monday: – Flying Spain
Tuesday: Run [10k] – Treadmill
Wednesday: Run [10k] – Home!
Thursday: – Injured
Friday:  Swim [3.000m]
Saturday: Swim [2.500m]
Sunday: –
TOTAL: Sw [5k] + Bi [0k] + Ru [20k]

Dani Juan


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