Istanbul Marathon

ENG: Hi!

The last (long) race of the year has arrived!
And, what about to finish the season in a place like Istanbul? ๐Ÿ™‚

I do like to race in different places around the globe, and if I’ve the chance of visit a city, travel to an amazing location and be part of a to-do race, what else?!
Therefore, afterward the approach of Nicole, my answer was simply: Let’s smash it!

In this time, I’m not going to compete but to enjoy the race though.
I’m running with a potentialย First Time Marathon Finisher and we have the aim of enjoy any single step, have our eyes widely opened and hunt the experience.
She was training like a machine, doing more than the 95% of the planning and embracing all the phases of a Marathon preparation: Strength, Weakness, Motivation, Demotivation, Struggling, Injuries, Negation, Negotiation, Confidence
Now, she is more than ready to beat the 42k and enjoy the race too =).

So suitcase prepared, runners and apparel for the race packed and keening to hit the city and have a great days around there.

Dani Juan


One Reply to “Istanbul Marathon”

  1. Can’t wait!!! Runners in the luggage, flight check-in done, Bosporus tour printed out, marathon route/city map lying next to me… Seems everything ready for Istanbul! ๐Ÿ˜€

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