Challenges 2014: Istambul Marathon

ENG: Hi!

As you may know, I was running the Istanbul Marathon last Sunday.
The aim of this race was to support Nicole as much as possible, to let her achieve a new amazing goal as its to be a Marathon finisher.

We arrived on Thursday night late, and we started our Instambul journey on Friday.
After an amazing day visiting some wonderful buildings, we went to the fair to get our slots and to breath the Marathon atmosphere.
We ate an amazing fresh fish in the shore of the Bosphorus to close the day and be ready for the next day.

Saturday arrived, my Achilles was terrible, so I avoided the previous session to activate that I always recommend before a race.
I was with my Achilles on a fine line, doubting until the last minute if I would be able to race or not. The expectations were not so optimistic, but I knew I would take a decision only the race day.
We spent Saturday in a Bosphorus ship tour, with a breath taking landscape. Visiting also the mystical Spicy Market and taking the day easy, knowing that in several hours we will face a tough course.
Some pasta for dinner, as the books shout, and sleeping.
IMG_3928 IMG_3935 IMG_3948

It’s Sunday, we woke up and I automatically decide that I’m all in for the running. My idea is to run at least the first half marathon, and then decide whether to quite or to keep on going.
We arrive to Asia, to the start line with time enough, taking a good position and ready to cross the Bosphorus Bridge, the only day in the whole year that you are allow to cross it!
Last thoughts, cheers and here we go!

We have a clean start, with not many pushes and traffic, better than expected.
The uphill has started but we hold a steady and good pace.
In the 12k I see my cousin. I shout him and we did some pictures and talk about to hang out later to have a beer =)
The course is more difficult than in the map, and the profile looks tougher too.
We have to stop in some parts, to take a gel and drink, knowing that the race is long and we are on time.
Half Marathon check point has arrived, and we are below 2h. A bit slower than our plan but on time to beat the 4h milestone.
The second part of the race is not as good as the first one.
My Achilles is killing me, any single step is hurting like hell, but Nicole is not having a good day either, so I’m trying to forget about the soreness and just enjoy the sea landscape.
We have to walk in that part several time, our pace is not good, my tendon is like a ball close to explode and is windy and also rainy.
We overcome to all these negative factors and we cross the line in 4h19′, in a beautiful hilly last part between the crowd, to one of the highest points of the city.
IMG_3959 IMG_3957IMG_3995IMG_3996

I’m so happy to be part of this journey and so proud for all the hard job that she did in these months.
The 4h milestone will be smashed soon, I’ve not doubt =)

And nothing but to finish the trip having some beers around Taksim, hanging out with my cousin and his band and with a smile of a new slot for the collection =)

#offseason for me

Dani Juan


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