How to keep your shape on during an Injury

ENG: Hi!

Since last weeks, I’m facing an uncomfortable injury in my Achilles tendon. A tendinopathy to be more accurate.
The soreness started during some long running, as part of the preparation for the Istanbul Marathon.

The reasons could be associated to:

  • A lower pace than my normal one
  • A shorter stride length
  • A big volume in terms of distance during the whole season, so stress
  • A bad step
  • A dramatically change of the floor

**In my case, can’t be linked with a footwear problem, due I didn’t change my cushion during the whole season and was working perfectly for me. But take it in consideration if is your case.

Do we have to totally rest during an Injury? Of course…No!!

  • Go to the physio, find your injury
  • Study and get the prescription of which exercises you Can do and the prohibited ones
  • Draw a plan B: Look for other Sports that can keep you in training
  • Use this period to try something new or to improve a discipline that you are weak
  • Do not forget that the treatment is necessary. Therapy, cold or whatever you need to heal your injury

**Don’t be hurry to come back. Injuries should be healed perfectly, if not you have the possibility of have the soreness back and screw you self up.

For me, the coming weeks are going to be focused in Swimming, Biking and Gym.
I will also add some Exos regeneration in my schedule and the physiotherapy sessions.

Dani Juan



4 Replies to “How to keep your shape on during an Injury”

  1. Dude! so sorry to hear! follow the treatment and drink beer! that will make you even stronger for 2015 season 🙂
    best buddy,

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