TRAINING 2014: 17 to 23 November

ENG: Hi!

Afterwards the Istanbul Marathon, I barely could walk. The tendinitis pass to a tendinopathy and any single step was a free travel to the stars.
With this soreness and after 42k struggling to survive and keep on the race, the common sense was leading me to a total rest week, and also to the doctor =)

Therefore and as usual, I didn’t listen to this reasonable part and I was swimming and biking, doing some gym and so on.
In my defense, I was in the doctor, and he suggested that I should keep on moving with some swimming and biking, so… =)

Trying to be positive, It’s great to have this situation right now, in the offseason period.
I planned to train twice, if possible, combining biking and swimming, so I can focus in these two disciplines and improve my skills here to smash the next season.

I’m enjoying a lot the sessions at the pool, with no plan and rarely going over 3.200m, so doing more sessions, less meters and more drills exercises and joy.

Here the summary:
Monday: – Row 30′
Tuesday: Bike [25k] + Swim [2.500m]
Wednesday: Bike [20k] + Row [30′] + Gym [30′]
Thursday: Bike [25k] + Swim [2.500m]
Friday:  Swim [2.500m]
Saturday: Swim [3.000m]
Sunday: Bike [30k]
TOTAL: Sw [10.5k] + Bi [80k] + Ru [0k] + Row [60′] + Gym [30′]

Dani Juan


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