TRAINING 2014: 24 to 30 November

ENG: Hi!

Closing November between chlorine and spinning!
I’m not able to run so far, but I’m still on the training mood, enjoying and feeling better than expected during the sessions.

This week I went to the physio and it seems that my tendon is getting better, but still not ready to run. I don’t feel weak though, the rhythms of training are improving these two discipline skills and letting to my legs a truce to a fully recovery.

Training apart, this weekend the Christkindlesmarkt has started! So evenings of glühwein, gingerbread, bratwurst and friends are coming, and I’m not willing to miss a thing =)

Here the summary:
Monday: Row [30′]
Tuesday: Bike [30k] + Swim [2.500m]
Wednesday: Bike [20k] + CrossTraining Maching [15′]
Thursday: Swim [2.500m]
Friday:  Swim [2.500m]
Saturday: Bike [30k]
Sunday: Rest
TOTAL: Sw [7,5k] + Bi [80k] + Ru [0k] + Row [45′]

Happy week to everyone!

Dani Juan


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