TIP: Chamber Test

ENG: Hi!

It’s 16.45 and I’m in the last meeting of the day. A window pop up in my screen “Chamber Test – ait“.
The meeting is being longer than expected, so I will have to run to the laboratory.
Rapidly, I shut down my laptop, pick my stuff and run fast to the appointment.
They’re waiting me for 15′, and I hate to be late, but today was impossible to hit this at time.

To recap, I have the luck to test different products for different departments through Adidas company.
I’m currently part of the micoach Smartwatch, Swimming, Running and so on.
I’m so happy and grateful to have this chance.

I arrive to the laboratory and go to the restroom to put on a new tee and short to do the test. When I enter to the changing room, I see one colleague that just finished to test a new technology for micoach. We chat for a couple of minutes and we have a training appointment for next week =)

Afterwards, I’m ready to go through the laboratory. When you enter here, the first sensation is breathless: A full biomechanics assortment, prototypes, screens etc.
Today, there are a bunch of 6 people playing football, a couple in the biomechanics area pasting dots in a girl and me receiving the last instructions before jump into the chamber.
Today’s test for me is about 30º and 52% of humidity, two huge ventilators and a big treadmill as the ones to do effort test are keening on me, and viceversa =). I feel like a hamster in a cage, but I can’t stop feeling happy and smiling all the time, doing something meaningful for me.
45′ ahead and I’m so excited, as every time I come here.
*There are also 4 guys playing in the kicker, but I assume they are having fun and not testing at all.

After the session and the feedback rush, I’m totally done.
Today I started at 6.30 am in the gym with a strength sessions with deadlifts, squats and so on.
After several meetings, I got away to the pool, for a quick set of 2.000m.
And to finish the balanced working-training day, I was in the innovation area.

Last glance in the mirror of the car and the smile is still on my face.
It’s priceless to have the chance of test technology and products that are still in the oven, provide feedback and to think that some of them, in one or two years, will be flooding our stores.
See them and think “I was part of this”. Even just with a 0,000001% but still =)
As always, I’m #allin

Dani Juan


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