TRAINING 2014: 1 to 7 December 2014

ENG: Hi!

December has started and all around here smell like Christmas!
The cities of the center of Europe are totally into this period in the year, with all the markets, the maroni tents in the street and the typical lights.
Moreover, if you go through the malls to do some shopping, you will appreciate the rush of people and the great discounts that the brands are offering so far 😉

Going into training, these weeks I follow with my “no running” trying to heal my Achilles. It’s been a while and worse, I don’t see an improvement, so I guess I need to be frequently once at home to my friend Canillas to solve it quickly.
The only running that I’m doing is twice per week in the Chamber, because I’ve the agreement with them and above all because I love it!

Practicing more often in the pool, focusing in drills and long aerobic sets, I have the idea of start introducing some easy sets, to gain some speed.
Moreover, I’m thinking in a gym block to workout the strength, close to 90% to work out directly inside the fibers.

Here the summary:
Monday: Run – Chamber Test  [10k]
Tuesday: Bike [30k] + Swim [2.500m]
Wednesday: Gym [40′] + Swim [2.000] + Run – Chamber Test  [10k]
Thursday: Bike [20k]
Friday:  Swim [3.000m]
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Swim [3.000m]
TOTAL: Sw [10,5k] + Bi [50k] + Ru [20k] + Gym [40′]

Dani Juan




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