TRAINING 2014: 8 to 14 December

ENG: Hi!

In line with the previous post of Last Meters of 2014 I’m doing a block of Build, so less than a peak one Impact but high in terms of volume and intensity.
Reason are explained in the post, and after think about it, I’m pretty sure is the more consistent decision.
I need and I’m keening on a recovery block doing (almost) nothing, just to heal about the current injuries and also to switch off of a long and demanding season.

This week I’m focusing in swimming, as in the last times, feeling everyday more unleash and sliding in the water. It’s incredible how slow are the improvements in the water, even if you plan a 30%-40% of drills in each training.

My running is still in standby, just a couple of training in the chamber due the agreement, but avoiding any other contact with asphalt, path or whatever. The physio is treating me, but I need my Spanish clinic and Canillas hands.

Regarding the bike, as you can imagine all indoor, -3.5 degrees is not such a lovely weather to ride, I only know Ogy that is posting pictures with negatives temperatures and riding like an animal. A level up of mine.

Here the summary:
Monday: Row [30′] + Run – Chamber Test  [10k]
Tuesday: Bike [30k] + Swim [2.500m]
Wednesday: Gym [60′] Low body + Swim [2.200]
Thursday: Run – Chamber Test  [10k]
Friday:  Bike [20k] Swim [2.200m]
Saturday: Bike [25k] roller + Swim [2.500m]
Sunday: Rest
TOTAL: Sw [10,5k] + Bi [75k] + Ru [20k] + Gym [60′] + Row [30′]

Dani Juan


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