TRAINING 2014: 22 to 28 December

ENG: Hi!

How good is to train at home!
Running around your hometown paths (indeed, I’m running again =)), swimming in the public pool and spinning at the gym. It’s simply great.

With this mixture of emotions, reminds and so on, I have cancelled my plan of rest, thus my mind is steering me to move.
I’m focusing now in a strong swimming block, with 5 to 6 days at the pool and sessions with at least 40% of drills.
On friday I also ran after 8 weeks off, and the sensation was strange, with a short stride and feeling not comfy and confident over the path, but with not pain in the Achilles, so the best new of the last months.

So this is it, 2 more weeks around here and some resolutions for 2015 on the way.

Here the summary:
Monday: Swim [4.500m]
Tuesday:  Bike [30k] + Swim [3.500m]
Wednesday: Gym [45′] + Swim [2.500]
Thursday: Rest
Friday:  Run [10k] + Swim [3.000m]
Saturday: Bike [25k] + Swim [2.800m]
Sunday: Run [7k]
TOTAL: Sw [15,8k] + Bi [55k] + Ru [17k] + Gym [60′]

Dani Juan


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