TRAINING 2014: 29 to 4 January

ENG: Hi!

This week we have closed the year, with a last race to end as this 2014 deserved.
The race, as you know, was the traditional San Silvestre, surrounding by friends and loads of fun.
As usual, we dress our costums up, with an incredible bunch of Mooses, Papa Noel and his sledge. Was so much fun!

In general, the training has been focused in swimming, but also in some easy running sessions, trying to find sensations again and, above all, to build a vest to my Achilles.

I will share with you my 2014’s Cuantification soon, with all the training, competition and so on.
I can only say out loud that was an amazing year, difficult to overcome but betting that this 2015 I will smash the final figures 😉

Here the summary:
Monday: Swim [3.500m]
Tuesday: Swim [3.500m]
Wednesday: San Silvestre [10k]
Thursday: Walk around the Beach =)
Friday:  Run [12k] + Swim [3.000m] + Gym [30′]
Saturday: Swim [3.000m]
Sunday: Run [11k]
TOTAL: Sw [13k] + Ru [33k] + Gym [30′]

I’m not sure so far about my races of next year, either the distance, but I will share with all of you as soon as I have a clear plan and pinned milestones.

Thanks for all the support during the year, was a pleasure to share with you 52 weeks of #training2014 in the blog.

Dani Juan


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