Winter Tips: Face a cold without pills

ENG: Hi!

How was the new year start? I bet great!
I’m still at home, enrolled in the last days in “La Terreta”, therefore Alicante.

Today I woke up with a cold and feeling worse than usual, but instead of take some pills and face the cold with sofa and hot soup, I have decided to do a “grandmother treatment” that I like much more: Some movement and natural juice.
My recommedations:

  • Choose an easy activity for you
  • Check the weather and dress up properly
  • Do not push a lot. Take it easy and smoothie
  • Do a shorter session than usual
  • Take a natural juice once finished: Water and squeeze lemon
  • Have a warm shower immediately, do not let your body beign cold

And now, enjoy the couch and the blanket 🙂

Take a glance of my routine of today, to smash the cold:

  • 60′ easy running, with a heartbeat under control and on a steady aerobic pace
  • A glass of water, with two slides of lemon and the rest of the citric squeezed
  • Hot shower and covering myself properly


And you, which tips do you use when feeling bad?

Dani Juan


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