TRAINING 2014: Final Figures

ENG: Hi!

Embracing 2015 already, I was adding the last training to my excel control file, where I used to track all my training.
The reason of that is to have a comparable with other years, and to know if I’m going with low or too much volume.
I have not the 2013’s complete summary but a nice approach until the IronMan UK.

This year has been great, better than expected, with an astonish increase in comparison with the last years.
To add some sense to this words, my Triathlon Career is not as long as to have a significant evolution, and also something that I have always present: I’m just an amateur sport freak that enjoy training and compiting. Almost any sport.
With this on mind and looking back to the resolutions of last year, I can firmly say that I didn’t achieve some goals, as an Ultra Running race, and either a Marathon under 3h. When I was about to face both, the injuries were playing against me and I was not able to attend the Barcelona and the Berlin Marathon.
Anyway, as I said the year was more than Positive, and my highlights are:

  • Consolidation in Triathlon
  • A Competitive shape in the Age Group
  • Smashing a mark of sub 4h30′ in a Half IronMan Distance
  • Experience in Training and also in Competition
  • A pace of more than 10 sessions per week
  • A Room of improvement for the next year

In terms of Facts and Figures:
Swim: 440k/157sessions/147hours//6% Total (k)//29% Total (Hours)
Bike: 5.230k/141sessions/175hours//72% Total (k)//35% Total (Hours)
Run: 1.641k/148sessions/127hours//25% Total (k)//25% Total (Hours)
Gym & CrossTraining: 56hours//58sessions//11% Total (k)//11% Total (Hours)
TOTAL: 7.367k // 503hours // 504sessions

And in terms of Competition:
Half IronMan x 3
Olympic Triathlons x 2
Half Marathon x 1
Marathon x 1
Other Races and Distances x 10

Let’s see what 2015 brings, which competitions/distance I eventually choose and how much can we improve.

Once again, thanks to push me forward!

Dani Juan


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