TRAINING 2015: 5 to 11 January

ENG: Hi!

First week of 2015, counting than the previous one was mix between the last year and the current.

I started the week in Albatera, in my hometown with 20º sessions and a stunning sun over me, and writing “the end” between snow flakes and wind in Nuremberg. In both cases, with a big smile and biting every moment.

I’m still deciding which races I’m going to do this year, only a short one I’m already signed (Munich) but for the rest I’m still deciding.
I think I will do shorter distances in 2015, with more olympics in the first part of the year and deciding afterwards if I race a bigger one.
I also want to beat some Personal Best in several distances of running, try some trail running and more things that keep me motivated.

I have not a plan designed so far, but I was playing with the volumes, distributing the sessions and making a first approach for the coming weeks. Watch out: Aerobic, low intensity and long easy sessions.
It’s time to build and prepare the body for the coming months, and if we don’t create a strong base, forget to perform good after some months. Watch out 2: Patient, heartbeat control and don’t jump steps.

Here the summary:
Monday: Swim [3.500m]
Tuesday: Run [13k]
Wednesday: Rest – Recovering of a cold
Thursday: Run [8k] + Run [10k]
Friday:  Run [13k]
Saturday: Badminton
Sunday: Swim [3.500m]
TOTAL: Sw [7k] + Ru [44k] + Badminton [60′]

Let’s make the year count. #domore and #daretodream

Dani Juan


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