Winter Sports: Testing the Virtual Spinning Classes

ENG: Hi!

It’s winter and the cold is here.
There are a lot of alternatives to overcome to laziness and not only to keep your shape under control but also to improve it!
For so many athletes this is the part of the year that they are focus in create the BASE for the whole year.
*I will write about how I’m planning this part of the season, and I hope it will be helpful to you too, but if you have any question, don’t hesitate in leave a comment!

I’m nowadays living in Germany, and even with a winter warmer than usual, at 6.30 am, when my first session kick off during the week, it’s quite cold for a Spanish guy like me.
Although, some days I go running through the forest with countless layers and the last technology of Adidas to isolate, but I rather to do the training inside.

An activity that I like to do my first session of the day, in fasting state, is to spin in the bike.
I used to do on the gym, to create a workout and follow it.
But now I’m trying with more people the Virtual Classes that the gym is offering, and the Motivation is incredible!
You have different types, from real recorded circuits to a trainer leading you during the whole class.

Definitely an interesting alternative to train, protect against the cold and keep you challenged!

Dani Juan


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